🧙‍♂️YugiCripto Game NFT

YugiCripto is a new blockchain-based animated and magical card game centered around NFTs. Built with a vision of improvement and accessibility, rescuing simple games combined with multiple technologies. This project offers players an immersive game environment with four playable trainers, with lots of spells and abilities, divided into five environments, called Origin.

The YugiCripto project was thoroughly studied by foreign investors, combined with the experience of Brazilian programmers in the technology area, for the development of this new NFT game.

The incredible story of magic, strength and friendship, combined with fun and technology, will generate a lot of emotion, interaction and profitability. YugiCripto has arrived to revolutionize the universe of Cryptos and NFTs, integrating supporters and players in search of profit and lots of fun.

YugiCripto is the game that has come to unify all classes in the new crypto era, with different game modes, such as the adventure mode (PVE), which is completely free, where you can progress through the game's fascinating story in a world full of magic and adventure, to receive items and NFTs as a reward without having to invest anything.

The link league mode (PVP) will be for those who are looking for fun and strategy to occupy the first positions of the ranking and still be rewarded with our token.

And we don't stop there!!

Earn a lot more as you duel with other players in our Arena mode, challenging other players to prove your talent, and maybe who knows, become the best duelist in the entire world.

In all modalities, participants enjoy a lot of fun, generating income and building a community of value and purpose.

Let the games start...

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