🎲Game Rules for PVE, PVP and Arena Mode

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For PVE mode, players will start with 6000 HP points; for PVP mode, there will be 8000 HP points for each player and in ARENA mode, there will be 15000 HP for each one. Whoever reaches zero HP will be defeated and the battle is over. The player must have a deck with 20 creature cards, where the amount of neutral cards, origin cards and mystical cards vary according to each level, as seen in the previous topic.

The player will have 6 chernobylite available at the beginning of the match. They must be used to summon creatures according to the card’s rarity, in the following sequence:

· 2 chernobylites for a neutral card.

· 3 chernobylites for a common card.

· 4 chernobylites for an uncommon card.

· 5 chernobylites for a rare card.

· 6 chernobylites for an epic card.

· 7 chernobylites for a legendary card.

Game starts with its players taking the first 5 cards. Following up, only 1 creature has to be summoned per round. Then, creatures must be invoked according to the amount of chernobylite’s that will be paid per round. At the end of the round, the player receives 2 more chernobylite for the creature summon and the opportunity to take one more card from the deck.

Creature's attack or defense actions will be performed. The mystical cards can be used at any time in the game, as long as they're from the same origin as the creature on the battlefield.

In attack mode, the card will be faced up while in defense mode it will face down.

If the player´s cards is in attack mode, the competitor with higher attack wins and the difference between the cards of attack power will be subtracted from the HP. For example, your card has 2500 attack and the opponent´s card has 2000, the 2000 attack card loses, goes to cemetery, and the difference of 500 points deducts from the total HP (For example 8000 HP), resulting in 7500 HP. If there is a tie between the cards of attack power, both end up in cemetery.

In case an attack card strikes a defense card and the attack points are higher than the defense points, the defense card will be destroyed, but the player won´t take any damage. However, if defense (3000) is bigger than attack (2500), the opponent takes damage (500) and the monsters stay in battlefield.

Whenever a player hits an opponent that has no creatures in battle, the damage will be deducted directly from total HP.

NOTE: creature cards can only be used three times a day. In case you want to use them more times, you could buy stamina on the item shop.

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