📜History Mode (PVE)

The player can receive a box with 5 neutral cards for free through our airdrop and another box with 5 neutral cards through our whitelist. In story mode, a minimum deck of 5 and a maximum of 20 cards can be used, each of which can be used 3 times a day. A maximum of 5 mystic cards can also be used, once a day.

Throughout history, players will face creatures in different stages, such as: forest, darkness, light, volcano and water, where each stage will have 15 duels (14 with creatures and 1 boss). As battles are won, the player will be rewarded with neutral cards, cosmetics that allow them to customize their deck background, PVE Ranking points, and NFT card fragments. Upon defeating the boss, a spell will be released that allows you to merge all the fragments and thus generate a random NFT card, which can be claimed and sold on the marketplace or even used in PVP mode.

The PVE Ranking will be used to select the 100 players with the highest score to compete in an internal championship, where the champion will receive a custom gaming PC from YugiCripto as a reward.

The player will also be able to claim neutral cards by earning a total of 1000 referral points by sending the game invitation link to their friends. Each referral will be worth 50 points, which will be counted when your friend completes the first battle. If your referral buys a bronze box, you will receive 100 more points, a silver box you will receive 150 points or a gold box 200 referral points.

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