Creature cards belong to different origins as described below:

- Light

- Forest

- Magma

- Water

- Darkness

Each origin will be identified by the color of its respective border and the symbol at the bottom of the card. For example, a forest card will have a green border and a symbol representing a forest at the bottom. It is worth mentioning that some creatures will be part of two or more origins at the same time.

NOTE: An origin will have advantage over the other cyclically during the battles, following this order:

NOTE: During the battle, if the creature attacking belongs to the origin that has advantage over the other, a critical damage will be increased by 20%.

As an example, if a creature from the light origin has 1000 attack points, and this card will attack a creature from the darkness origin, his power attack will be increased in 20% totalizing 1200 attack points.

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