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This document has the purpose to provide an informative analysis inside of the historical and economic context of the game. Every project data described here is likely to change, then it is important to be always updated to the information provided on our YugiCripto official channels to look for the most recent version of this document.

It is Worth mentioning that the cryptocurrency market is considered a high-risk investment, for that reason, before you buy any kind of asset, we recommend you consulting a professional. YugiCripto is not responsible for any kind of loss related to the project, once this market is decentralized and we do not have any control over it. The value invested in any YugiCripto category is under the own investor responsibility. We also reiterate that the YugiCripto project is exempted of any responsibility of the Yugitoken value, since it is a variable dependent on the crypto-active market.

Any inconsistent information in this document must be ignored, as the entire project and all necessary information is described in this White Paper officially. Any discrepancies from the website or any other channel must be based on this document.

The security of the tokens and NFTs purchased are under full and exclusive responsibility of the owner, exempting YugiCripto from any extra charges in case of attacks, theft, robbery or loss of any kind.

In case of any doubts, we recommend you to stay in contact with our developing team through the official channels to clarify any misunderstood information.

All rights are reserved to YugiCripto and all information described in this White Paper are for research of this project.

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