๐Ÿ“šGame History

In 1988, a group of five friends decided to explore an evacuated town due to a nuclear reactor explosion happened in 1986 in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Riding their bicycles in the middle of a forest, they found a house where they could see a bright blue light coming out of the window, so they looked at each other and decided to enter the house looking for an adventure.

On a table, they found an album with pictures of a wizard and, next to him, were creatures which they had never seen before. Beside the album, there were some cards apparently from some mysterious game, and the creatures of the pictures were on these cards. There was also a notebook, and while they start reading, they saw a wild creature coming out of the basement screaming so loud that the windows shattered. The wizard from the pictures climbed the basement stairs to see what was happening, and the five friends started to run away, but one of them (Edu) fell and was left behind. Then, the wizard used a shine blue stone and as he was pronouncing words from an unknown language, when magically imprisoned his friend in a card and placed him in some kind of card board game.

The other 4 friends (Jako, Isah, Freddy and Mary) rode their bikes as quick as possible to Freddyโ€™s house. From the moment they entered his room, they looked at each other trying to figure out what just happened; therefore, they needed to find out what they would do to save their friend. While they were in the cabin, Jako took some cards and the wizardโ€™s notebook. In the book, the wizard described how he used highly radioactive crystal formations (chernobilytes), which shine a blue coloring and were created after the nuclear reaction explosion.

The wizard described how his plan worked by using magic that created an electromagnetic origin which interfered with the control systems of the nuclear reactor, causing a collapse who made it explode. His objective was to create the chernobilytes crystals so that he could combine them with his magic.

Using this Crystal, the wizard performed experiments involving animals, transforming them into creatures never seen before, because of the genetic mutations the crystals caused. The wizard combined the energy of the radiation with an ancestral magic of the Eastern Slavic people to imprison the creatures in the cards. He also described that crystal, when placed over the card game board, could open a portal to another dimension where they could battle with the creatures trapped in the cards.

The friends decided to search for chernobilytes at the explosion location, in order to open a portal and rescue their friend Edu in an intense card battle.

For this reason, choose your character and get in this exciting game card where you will battle against wizards, beasts, dragons and many other unknown creatures to rescue the friend who was taken to another dimension.

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