๐Ÿ”—Winner League Mode (PVP)

Winner league mode will be the one where the players will face each other, the winner will receive a reward in our Yugitoken and also points for the monthly ranking. The player who loses the battle will not receive any reward and will also lose points in the ranking.

The ranking will be monthly, where the 12 best players will qualify for the championship that will be broadcasted worldwide at the end of 12 months. There will be 144 participants who will compete for prizes in cash at the end of the competition, following the trend of electronic games.

NOTE: To play the winner league mode, the player will have to acquire one of our 4 available trainers, where 1 of them is free and the other 3 will have to be purchased. Also, the playerโ€™s deck will need 20 creature cards which 15 of them can be neutral cards and 5 origin cards NFTโ€™s purchased in our Marketplace, where each player will start with 8000 HP. The player can choose whether or not to use Mystic cards.

The winner league will be divided in 9 divisions:

Iron โ€“ Bronze โ€“ Silver โ€“ Gold โ€“ Platinum โ€“ Sapphire โ€“ Emerald โ€“ Ruby - Diamond

Being Iron the lowest division and Diamond the highest one. Each division has 3 levels organized in an increasing manner: I, II and III. This means, for example, that if you are on Iron I, your next ascension will be to Iron II, or if you are on Iron III your next division will be Bronze I.

Each time the player climbs a new tier, the amount of neutral will decrease and the number of creatures who belongs to any of the origin will increase, as well as the amount of Mystic cards. Following the table below:

After each battle, the winner will earn 30 XP points to climb in the ranking, for example to climb from Iron l to Iron ll, the player will have to gain 300 XP points. The player can earn more points using the bonus reward provided by his character. In case of defeat, the player will lose 10% of his score (3 XP points).

Every time the player climbs a new tier, for example, from Iron l to Iron ll he will receive a random item that can be a Stamina potion, a tonic potion or a shield potion.

- Stamina Potion โ€“ Recovers all or part of the energy card , allowing the card be used more often.

- Tonic Potion โ€“ Increases the attack points of a creature card only in the next battle.

- Shield Potion โ€“ Increases the defense points of a creature card only in the next battle.

Such items can also be purchased in game.

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